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Specializing in Building Envelope Restoration


GREAT BUILDING ENVELOPES ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE. GREAT BUILDING ENVELOPES SEAL AND PROTECT BUILDINGS FROM THE ELEMENTS. NOT SO GREAT ENVELOPES INVITE LONG-TERM DAMAGE, TO YOUR BUILDING AND YOUR WALLET.  When we started Taylor Construction, we pledged to approach each project and every building as if it were our own. We promised to perform work the way it should be done, every time. We learned to see not only the obvious, but also the less obvious, unseen places—because we truly believe that makes the difference between great and not so great envelopes.  We are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave.  We work closely with engineers, consultants, and trades to ensure that every building envelope is well-engineered, structurally sound, and properly constructed. Taylor provides end-to-end building envelope restoration and renovation contracting services from project planning and budgeting all the way through to scheduling, construction, and quality control.


Love What You

Our business is more than a business to us. It is our passion, our vocation, our profession. The people we hire are those who share this passion. You see, when you are devoted to your craft, people know they can trust and depend upon you. Because it is about more than money.

The Right Way,

Rework costs everyone. Money. Time. Reputation. All restoration projects involve choices and trade-offs. But taking shortcuts should never be thought of as the ideal solution. Making the longer term quality choice always, always pays off.

Just The Right

We wanted Taylor to be big enough to be able to meet the full range of our customers’ needs, but small enough for it to always be about focusing on the work and our customers. For every project to be important.

Our Relationships